Please help us in our fight to help loved ones with Parkinson's Disease live better today!

Please help us in our quest to help those afflicted with Parkinson's Disease live better today!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hi, my name is Kari. And I'm an idiot!

I don't consider myself an interesting person at all. In fact, my friend Jill and I will routinely remark "I love my boring life" whenever we hear of someone else's drama. I am proud to say I live in a drama-free zone.

Despite this, my friend Laura has told me for years I should start a blog, to which I would reply "I love that you think I'm fascinating, and I'm flattered, but you are nuts." Well, that was PIR-Pre-Ironman Registration.

Those of you who know me know that I took a huge plunge and have signed up for my first Ironman next August in Boulder! And I'm lucky enough to be joined by about 20 or so of my crazy triathlete friends! But the best part is that Freddy will be doing this with me. We are excited, terrified, questioning our sanity, queasy, and giddy. There were a lot of reasons for wanting to sign up for this Ironman but the primary reason is that it is in our backyard and so many friends will be doing it with us (when I say "with us", I mean that we will be starting at the same time-I am a back of the packer so hope that at least a few of them will hang out to cheer me on!).

I have decided to start this blog, not because I think I have anything exciting or unique to share, but as a way to keep you, our dear friends and family, informed of every step of this journey we are about to begin. My hope is that you will find this entertaining, brutally honest about what we are going through but my greatest hope is that we can inspire all of you to do something that terrifies you. Eight years ago I had never even run to the mailbox. Freddy had gone even less than that. Ten months from now, we will be awarded with a new title "Ironman". We couldn't be more excited-or terrified.

I hope you enjoy taking our journey with us. It will take a village to get us there but we cannot wait!