Please help us in our fight to help loved ones with Parkinson's Disease live better today!

Please help us in our quest to help those afflicted with Parkinson's Disease live better today!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's do this!

Oh crap. It is now 2014. Which means we have less than 8 months to get to the start line of Ironman Boulder! Gulp.....

A lot of people have asked us how our training is going. Well, the truth is, the past couple of months we have been focused on getting into a routine. I am proud to say, that for the most part, I am happy with the consistency I have made. I have attended the gym classes I have wanted, gotten my body used to waking up early again (not that I ever wake up late, but you know, having the alarm go off at 4:30 instead of 5) and have made vast improvements to my diet.  Ok, two out of three 'aint bad, right? I don't believe in setting the bar too high all at once. Always strive for something, my friends! Once we get going on a regular schedule, I anticipate having a couple two-a-day workouts (or bricks), a couple days off with one long run and one long ride during the week.

Those of you who know Freddy know of his affinity for Excel Spreadsheets. Maybe affinity isn't the right word. Excel is his mistress-he loves her. And I'm ok with that. I don't do math. Or pie charts. I do, however, love the spreadsheet once it's all set-up real pretty like. He has made a really impressive spreadsheet for our training. It's so amazing, I truly think he could market it. And everyone we've shown it to agrees. We have used it the past couple years and it has been fun to chart our progress (um, or lack there of) and have a "friendly" competition with each other. One of the charts he has created is a map of the US for us to log our "Race to the Mississippi".  We start the year on the coast in San Francisco and head east.  Every forward-moving workout is logged and we see who can reach the Mississippi River first!  For 2013, we didn't track our data together, but we will be doing it for IM Bolder and I will provide all of you a monthly picture so you can cheer us on!  For S's&G's, here's my progress from 2013:
That blue horizontal line is me.  Hey look! I made it to Iowa! Hello, Iowa family!

In case you are wondering, in 2013, I ran 906.10 miles, biked 650.55 miles (this included road, spin and trainer), and swam 7.19 miles, for a grand total of 1563.84 miles!  This put me right smack in the middle of my second favorite state-Iowa!  Pretty bad-ass until you look at some of my running buddies' totals. Their totals made me tired. And made me want to work way harder in 2014. I can't wait to see what our totals are for 2014. I do not want Freddy to beat me to the Mississippi. That will just not do.....

So, what's next?  Freddy and I met with an hired an amazing swim coach named Marco that we cannot wait to work with, even though he called me a "dainty swimmer". WTF???  We met with him last week, just before Christmas and came away with some great tips and drills. The best part was that he assured me I would not need to contact Ironman for a refund-that he was confident we would do just fine. And maybe even enjoy ourselves in the process. Don't push it, Marco....

I'm also in the process of supervising the Captain and Co-Captain of our cheering section. My two girls in charge are doing a hell of a job. One of them also loves spreadsheets and I'm pretty sure she's creating one for all our cheerleaders as we speak. In truth, I'm a little sad I won't be with them on Aug. 3. Rumor is they are setting up one hell of a party! I have made two requests so far 1) there better be a very large, very cold, very salty margarita left for me when I finish and 2) when I run by at some point during the marathon, they are to "drop" a brat on the ground. I, not wanting my friends to litter, will promptly pick it up and possibly use it as fuel for the finish.  Truly, my friends have been so amazing calming my nerves during this time. Every run with them has started with them asking "so, how can we support you this week? What will you need from us?" I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life and I cannot wait to see them in Boulder!

My race schedule (as of today) for the year is as follows:

  • Ralston Creek Half Marathon on Feb. 9-I love this one as it starts about 1.5 miles from our house!
  • Horsetooth Half Marathon on April 13-probably my favorite Half. The route is gorgeous and it ends at a brewery. With firemen. 'Nuff said. 
  • Skirt Sports Half Marathon on June 1-a women's only Half that is a blast! Instead of medals and t-shirts, you get a skirt. Even though I love my medals, I love this race!
  • I've been told my BFF Heather is coming to town in July, so we are looking for a fun half to do together during that time-it may be a run from my house to our other BFF Pam's house for a mini-reunion! 
  • Ironman Boulder  on August 3-God help me....
  • New York City Marathon on Nov. 2-yep, my number came up this year! Cannot wait to run in my favorite city!!!  I'm not sure who's more excited for this one-me or my mother!
And, because my dear friend Nancy keeps requesting more photos, here's a lovely one of a great Christmas run with a couple of hearty girls from my running group. Ironically, Nancy decided it was too cold to run and stayed at home that morning! It was 19 degrees when we finished, but we all had a great time!